Technology in Education

The Day and the Year in Review

I was in San Diego for a rowing regatta on Friday so I was not in class. As a result I was told to blog about what I was doing and what I worked on. We raced Saturday and Sunday and ended up winning the Petite Final. On Friday we spent the day off loading our trailer, rigging our boat, and practicing. As for classwork I spent time working on my passion project presentation. I edited a clip of myself running via iMovies and worked on putting the PowerPoint together. I managed to put together most of the slides before I had to go back to the course for another row. Other than the passion project presentations on Tuesday the class is over.

I have learned a lot this semester about different styles of teaching other than just the traditional book and test style that I grew up doing. My eyes have been opened to inquiry based learning, the use of technology in education, the combining of multiple subjects into one project like that done at High Tech High and PSII. By taking the time to get to know my students and by letting them bring in their own interests to whatever I am teaching will allow their interest in whatever I am teaching grow. I have seen how formative and student formative assessment can be very beneficial in allowing the student to learn and grow rather than just receiving a grade and moving on. Minecraft, Google Apps for Education, FreshGrade, and many other programs are all out there to use and experiment with to make my classes more interesting and engaging for my students. They might even help make my life easier as a teacher. By looking at what is out there and being open to trying new things I might find a way for my students to relate to course content.  Resulting in one student liking class a little more or finding something they are truly passionate in.  It might just change a students life.


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