Technology in Education

Keith Rispin & Google Classroom

Keith Rispin works for the North Vancouver school board as a teacher. He teaches in a unique way where there is more emphasis on technology. He uses Google Classroom where he has posted all the tutorial videos, assignments and resources that his students need. The students can then submit the assignments to him online when they complete them. He spends very little time in front of the class but uses video tutorials that he finds online to teach the content. This allows him to spend more time helping students individually. Grades, assignments, and student work can all be accessed and used by the students, parents, and teacher at all hours a day making it easier for students who are away or behind to see what they need to do to catch up.

Rispin uses Google Classroom for it is the most secure server currently available. There is a big emphasis right now to protect student data. There are certain rules pertaining to the accessibility of student data on different servers. Using the regular Google programs such as Google Docs the projects produced by students can be mined for information by Google. This is not acceptable by most school districts. As a result Google created a specially designed program where the information cannot be mined instead it gets put directly into a secure vault. Google Apps for Education has a wide variety of programs that allow teachers to use the programs just like that found on their regular server as well as specific ones for school such as Google Classroom to help enhance classroom time. It has the abilities to allow multiple people to edit the same document. The difference is the people editing the material need to have a specialized Google school account. Google Classroom is not the only server Rispin has used. In the past he has used Moodle, Edmono, Web CT, and Schoology but those are not approved by his district so he know uses Google Classroom. He advised us to always use the server that our school district uses and approves for if student data is hacked but we are using the school approved server we are not at fault. If we used a different server and students’ info was taken then we would be the ones dealing with the consequences and the one in trouble.


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