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Class Passion Project Summaries

Today was the day we presented our passion projects to the class. We all had a wide variety of what we chose to learn about from sign language, to cooking, to learning an instrument. I thought I would give you a bit of a summary of what everyone chose to do. I am short a couple of people because we went over our class time and I had to go write and exam but here are the summaries of all the others that I saw.

Liam learned how to play the guitar. Originally he was planning on learning how to play a couple of songs but soon realized that would be too difficult so he switched to just learning how to play the chords and knowing the chords. I don’t think he is going to continue to play for he now hates the guitar. Emily decided to learn how to cook. Her plan was to try cooking a couple of meals every week. She had a couple of bumps in the road when the semester got busy but she did try a couple of new recipes and made some awesome cookies that she brought to share with the class. Christine learned how to boulder. It is a type of climbing where there are no harnesses or ropes and the climbers go up specific routes trying to find ways to make it vertically and horizontally on the wall. It is a very technical sport. Andrew initially planned to do different soccer free kicks but then he broke his foot so he had to change. He decided on the piano where he learned notes, scales, and eventually worked his way up to a song. Unlike Liam he is planning on continuing with the piano. Kira looked at skincare where she researched the benefits and saw how it worked for herself and friends. She researched tea tree oil, Korean Skincare system, and fermented yeast. Melanie decided to try painting using an abstract style with a plan to try colour blending. It was her first series of paintings and found it very therapeutic to share her feelings via a canvas. Her plan is to try painting on a large scale. Devin also learned how to play the guitar but focused on tabs, which allowed her to learn how to play a song on the guitar. To share her project she used Trello and Instagram. Sarah learned how to draw more than just doodles. Her goal was to draw a person by the end so she focused on all the different parts that were needed. Hands, eyes, and bodies were all sketched repeatedly to master the art of drawing people.   Her progress was amazing. Hayley worked with a girl in elementary school where they did portraits of each other. Within her portrait she used many different techniques, some she had never used before or on the scale she used them. She tried painting with ink, acrylic and other supplies and then finished it with an egg wash. Jacen started the process of learning how to sign. He had a past interest and thought it would be beneficial as a teacher down the road. He learned the alphabet and some words. In sign language some of the words we use such as it are not used making the sentence structure a little different.

We all had different interests and ways we went about our projects but often we faced the same hurdles. Some weeks during the semester our classes all have the same due date so working on our passion projects sometimes got pushed to the wayside. Other times our projects changed course after realizing our goals were not feasible. I think overall we did well and all learned something new about how to go about learning a skill and what is required to learn a skill.


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