Technology in Education

Open Educational Resources

Today we were asked to look at open educational resources. Open educational resources are materials that can be accessed for little or no cost. They are materials that can aid in the learning or teaching of a topic or subject. Presently most of the open educational resources are found online but by no means are they limited to just online resources. Books, papers, and worksheets attained for little or no cost are all open educational resources. As a teacher, there are many different open educational resources we can use to help expand our knowledge we just need to look for them. One of those open educational resources that is very beneficial to share with our students and anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge is the Khan Academy. Most students in high school or university have heard of the Khan Academy. A lot of the students who have heard of it have probably used the vast resources found on its webpage to help clarify and supplement content covered in class. For those who do not know the Khan Academy is an online resource that provides in depth videos covering different concepts within the subjects of math, science, computing, arts, humanities, economics, and finance. I know when I was in high school the Khan Academy helped explain concepts I was struggling with in math and chemistry. The Khan Academy is classified as an open educational resource.   It is free to everyone to use and it aids in the learning of material. It teaches and expands peoples’ knowledge through the videos that have been posted.

Gathering and using open educational resources is something all teachers do even if it is subconsciously. Talking with a fellow teacher about what you are teaching and can lead to you to receiving a copy of their worksheet. At professional development ideas and materials are usually shared among teachers. Open educational resources are all around us and as teachers we will work with them. While dealing with open educational resources remember the five R’s:

  • Retain
  • Reuse
  • Revise
  • Remix
  • Redistribute

Retain a resource and then make a copy for yourself that you can control. Reuse the resource from year to year or class to class. Revise, take the resource and edit it to work for what you need. Remix the open educational resources with each other. Combining two worksheets into one is okay and a smart thing to do. Redistribute and share your knowledge and resources with others. Open educational resources are plentiful and can be very useful, just be open to looking and using them.


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